Insulation Energy Tip

If there was a way to use the same comforts and conveniences; lighting, air condition, better air quality and pay less to the power company, would you be interested?  There has been significant changes in the way we look at being more energy efficient.  The most impact you can have on your energy bill is your attic..  Nearly 45% of energy is wasted through poorly sealed attics and an estimated 90% of the homes today are under insulated causing you to pay for energy you aren’t using. 

There are 4 steps towards a highly energy efficient home and attic.  

  1. Get an energy analysis by an expert to better understand your specific needs.  Every home is different, what worked for you neighbor may not work for you.
  2. Bring your insulation up to code.  Florida insulation code (which is a minimum building requirement) was R-19 of attic insulation, approximately 7-8” of either blown in or batt insulation.  Today, the minimum building code is R-30, approximately 11-12” of either blown in or batt insulation.  The minimum requirement for efficiency has nearly doubled.  Why, because R-19 just wasn’t enough.  Insulation basically works like a sponge, absorbing the heat and traps it from entering into your conditioned spaces.  Just like a saturated sponge, once full, it leaks.  That’s why the next step is crucial.  
  3. Stop radiant heat gain and loss.  Most of us have have our duct work and some type of HVAC equipment in our attic.  Attic temperatures in the panhandle reach 140+ degrees 10 months out of the year.   Your HVAC ducts and equipment try to operate efficiently in that environment.  Our multi-layer reflective insulation radiant barrier reflects 97% of radiant heat reducing the overall attic temperature, significantly increasing the life of your HVAC equipment and the efficiency of your duct work, reducing heat gain and lowering your monthly power bill and potential expensive service calls.
  4. Energy usage notification.  Today, children bring home progress reports from school notifying us of how proficient they are in specific subjects.  We use this tool to pinpoint what areas to focus on so they can make better grades.  Having a progress report for your energy usage is just as important so you can focus on areas to be more energy proficient.  Installing the NEST thermostat, by Google does exactly that.  It programs itself within a week after learning your heating and cooling habits, you can control the temperature from any smart device and the NEST thermostat provides a monthly report showing you where to focus your energy proficiency needs.

With the 4 step perfect attic insulation system, you will enjoy not just big savings on your energy bills but also improve comfort throughout your home.

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