Our 12 Point Energy Inspection includes the following:

Attic Insulation
Insulation is an integral component of the comprehensive attic insulation system.  We determine if the insulation in your home or office meets Florida's minimum code requirements.

Reflective Insulation
​Adding a Reflective barrier to your attic reflects 97% of radiant heat in the summer and also keeps warm conditioned air from escaping in the winter.

Air Sealing
Air sealing your home can play an important role in reducing energy costs. Every home has a number of areas where energy leaks in and out of, which can add up and contribute to significantly higher monthly utility bills.

Attic Entrance
We determine if your attic entrance is sufficiently insulated and make recommendations to help your home be more energy efficient.

Soffit & Ventilation
Attics should be properly ventilated year round to reduce the build up of heat and moisture.  We check for proper ventilation and blockage.

Door Seals
We will check all seals around doors and suggest solutions.  Properly sealing up doors and windows can save 5% to 20% yearly.

Water Heater & Pipes
We educate you on the correct settings for your water heater and provide solutions to reduce your energy bill.  We will inspect your water lines to determine if we can reduce heat loss saving you money on your energy bill.

Insulated Outlet Plates
Small amounts of air constantly leak in and out through the electric and switch plates.  We will show you ways to solve this problem.

Window Seals
Leaky windows can have a huge effect on home energy efficiency.  We will inspect your windows and look for solutions

Refrigerator Settings
We will check your current refrigerator and freezer settings and recommend ways to save money on your energy bill.

We will check your current thermostat settings and recommend ways to save money on your energy bill.  

Light Bulbs
We will evaluate your lighting choices throughout your home or office and suggest ways to save on your energy bill.

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